New Holland Harvester

Precision Land Management

Your PLM & Guidance Experts

Our Precision Land Management (PLM) team supports your farming operation to be the most efficient and productive as possible using the latest technology from New Holland Agriculture.

The Precision Land Management products are designed to meet the customers needs to fit a vast variety of machines and implements to establish accuracy and control input costs. The benefits of this are to manage the performance of your equipment and to ensure the productivity of your business.

Precision Farming is at its peak and is constantly changing and innovating to improve and help your farming system. We fit, supply and calibrate in the field to ensure our products are up to your conditions.

Our team are regularly keeping updated with the latest training and current equipment including:

  • Plug and play displays
  • Grain analysers
  • ISO implements and controllers
  • RTK Network
  • Automatic headland turning

Contact your local AEH dealer to learn more about Precision Land Management.